Insulating Bricks

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What Does Laurel Group Offer?

Mullite Insulating Brick Manufacturers, a prominent supplier of insulation bricks, provides a diverse range of insulation bricks that are extensively utilized for insulation lining in various furnaces, kilns, and other similar equipment. Our clients achieve remarkable energy savings due to the fact that our insulation bricks possess a highly significant feature of having very low thermal conductivity, which is essential for heat retention.

We provide various types of insulation bricks including Hot Face Insulation Bricks, Cold Face Insulation Bricks, HFK Insulation Bricks, and Mica Insulation Bricks in all sizes to meet the demands of our clients. We use thick corrugated boxes for packing and, if necessary, pallet packing can also be done to guarantee zero damage during long sea transits. It is crucial to choose the correct IFB bricks and other refractories for your application. Therefore, kindly contact us through email or phone to obtain our assistance in selecting the appropriate refractories for your project or repair.

What Are Insulation Bricks Precisely?

  • A refractory concrete block is a substance that has compact insulation.
  • The refractory lining’s heat loss is reduced due to its low porosity. Refractory and insulating bricks are a suitable option for diverse industries. This is because of their excellent properties.

Overall, insulation bricks offer efficient thermal insulation with low energy consumption.

Insulating Fire Brick Laurel Group Manufacture

The Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) is a refractory ceramic material brick made of a blend of alumina and silica. It is capable of withstanding applications with extremely high temperature and has low thermal conductivity. The IFB has excellent insulating properties and reflects heat effectively. The Insulating Refractory Fire Bricks have a light weight and can be cut easily using a handheld hack saw or other hand tools such as a chisel or drill. Ideal for creating custom shapes and cavities.

Many Applications By Insulating Bricks

It is possible to utilize the soft insulating fire brick in the firebox of gas and electric powered kilns and furnaces.

Kilns that burn wood and oil are made using dense firebrick, also known as hard-brick. These IFB are used for insulating them. Also, dense firebrick (hard brick) should be used in the firebox and IFB should be used outside for applications such as salt kilns that create a corrosive atmosphere. Specialized brick, such as Silicon Carbide brick, is commonly utilized in coal burning power plants to withstand the harsh and abrasive environments present.

Top 5 Types Of Insulating Bricks By Materials

The classification temperature of insulating firebrick increases with higher alumina content and firing temperature in general. The following are the most commonly used raw materials for insulating bricks.

Other Specification Of Insulating Bricks

  • Referring to  insulating fire bricks, its max temperature is around 2,300° to 2,600° (°F)
  • Density of insulating bricks are about 45 to 138 (ft.)
  • Thickness of insulating bricks are 2″ (12″ ), 2 1/2″ (4 1/2″, 6″, 12″), 3″ (4 1/2″, 6″, 12″)

What Other Services Or Products Does Laurel Group Offer?

Fire Clay Insulating Brick and High Alumina Insulating Brick are also included in our stock. Whether constructing or repairing, casatable refractories are excellent at solving problems. Simultaneously, we keep in supply insulating blanket, insulating high temp board, as well as mortar and kiln cement. Laurel Group supplies materials, ranging from backyard forges or ovens to large coal burning power plants.