High Quality High Alumina Insulating Brick Refractory Insulation Brick

1.Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperatures.
2.High compressive strength.
3.Very low levels of iron and other impurities.
4.Lightweight and energy-efficient.
5.Lower heat storage than denser refractory. 6.Heats quickly and economically to operating temperature.

Product Description

High alumina insulanting brick can be directly contact with the flame,this insulating brick can be used as linings or thermal preservation layers in various industrial furnaces and kilns in metallurgical industry, ceramic industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, such as blast furnace, hot blast stoves ,electric arc furnace, cement kiln,melting furnace, ignition furnace, flue, refining equipment, heating equipment and piping, regeneration device, gas furnace, soaking furnace, annealing furnace, heat reaction chamber and other thermal industrial equipment.


Widely used in insulating layers of various of thermal processing equipments, such as hot blast furnace, coke oven, glass kiln, etc, but also apply to linings in parts of furnace without strong high-temperature molten material erosive.


Item High alumina   insulating bricks
Al2O3(%) 48-50%
SiO2(%) 48
Fe2O3(%) ≤2.5
Bulk   density ( g/cm3 ) 0.9-1.0
Working Temperature(°C) 1250
Refractoriness(°C) 1400C
Cold   Crushing Strength (Mpa) 4 Mpa