Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed

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Provide an introduction to Laurel Group

Laurel Group is a prominent supplier of ceramic fiber vacuum formed materials and offers a purchasing platform for refractory and insulation materials globally. We provide professional application advice for furnace products to make energy saving easier.

Laurel Group’s Product Is Vacuum-Formed Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic fiber bulk is used as raw material to produce ceramic fiber special shape, including pipe, block, board, fabricated part, burner, cracking furnace peep sight hole, and cylinder, tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber’s Production Process

The typical steps involved in the manufacturing process of vacuum ceramic fibers are as follows:

  • Forming ceramic fiber batches by mixing.
  • Ceramic fiber sheets are as dried and cut.
  • Ceramic fiber sheets vacuum formed.
  • Application for a binder.
  • Coating that is resistant to both curing and erosion.
  • Features of  vacuum formed ceramic fiber.
  • Properties of excellent insulation.
  • Thermal capacity is low.
  • Remarkable ability to withstand thermal shock.
  • Chemical stability is excellent.
  • Good toughness and high crushing strength.
  • Cutting and installation made easy.
  • The usage of products made from vacuum-formed ceramic fiber.
  • Laboratory furnaces’ supporter for electric elements.
  • Door of an industrial furnace.
  • Bricks used as burners in industrial furnaces.
  • Heat insulation for commercial and industrial heaters using thermal radiation.
  • For Insulated pipes.
  • Heat insulation is provided by numerous other custom shapes.

Data About Physical & Chemical Properties

The listed chemical and physical specifications represent average values. It is subject to alteration based on manufacturing and project.

  • Al2O3 is around 39-73 (%)
  • SiO2 is about 54-29 (%)
  • Max. Temperature is since 1,260 to 1,650 (°C)
  • Density is approximately 250-400 ( kg/m³)
  • Sizes & shapes depends on customized ceramic fiber vacuum