Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Introduce About Laurel Group, A Trusted Refractory & Insulation Supplier

Laurel Group holds a top position as a supplier. Meanwhile, we produce  ceramic fiber board and insulation materials. The products comprise fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, ceramic fiber insulation, calcium silicate products, unshaped refractory materials, rock wool, and glass wool products.

Additionally, we offer a worldwide purchasing platform for refractory and insulation materials to provide you with expert advice on furnace products, which simplifies energy-saving measures.

Introduce Ceramic Fiber Insulation products By Laurel Group

The Laurel Group highlights its self-developed ceramic fibers for various industries, serving as effective solutions for high-heat protection and thermal management.

  • Spun ceramic fiber is the material used for manufacturing Insulating ceramic fiber, which is then needled to enhance handling strength for its use in high-temperature insulation applications.
  • Ceramic Fiber Insulation products are generally available in three standard grades – Commercial, High-purity, and Zirconia grade. Commonly it known as Ceramic insulation.
  • The lightweight and thermally efficient grades of the material possess the advantage of low heat storage and full resistance to thermal shock.

Fiber wool paper  products are manufactured in different sizes, temperature capacities, and intended for various uses. In case you do not find a particular ceramic fiber insulation item mentioned, feel free to get in touch with us directly. And we will be pleased to furnish you with a tailored quotation.

Benefits Offered By Using Ceramic Fiber Insulation

  • Ceramic Fibers function as insulation with low-density and can be used in various high temperature equipment.
  • With flexibility, light weight, and varying thicknesses.
  • Ceramic Fiber Insulations products are easy to utilize within plants, refineries, and factories.
  • Ceramic Fibers are utilized as insulation.
  • It is protection against high heat in a variety of ways, ranging from kilns, boilers, furnaces, and ovens.
  • Additionally, it is also against heat for flexible pipe insulation, expansion joint seals, and stack and duct linings.
  • Ceramic fibers offer these benefits without posing the hazards commonly associated with asbestos products.

Shapes That Are Complex & Velocities Of Gas

Ceramic Fiber Wet Wool (WW) is as designed for insulation of intricate shapes. And also is for high hot gas velocity environments. The material contains inorganic bonding agents and is enclosed in a transparent polyethylene bag to preserve the moist binder while being shipped and stored. The flexible insulation formed during the manufacturing process can be molded to complex shapes in situ and dries in air to create a hard and stiff structure. Furthermore, the application necessitates prompt temperature exposure to cure the material. The dry density of the material is 12-18 lbs/ft3 (190-290 kg/m3).

Can Operations Be Conducted At Elevated Temperatures?

Currently available in stock is Ceramic Fiber Insulation made from poly-crystalline mullite wool (PCW). PCW has a temperature rating of 3,000℉ (1,649 ℃). There are no binders, additives, or shot content present in this ceramic fiber insulation product grade.