Ceramic Fiber Paper

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What Is Ceramic Fiber Papers From Laurel Group?

Laurel Group is leading insulation fiber products supplier. Actually, ceramic fiber for paper are a sheet material made of compressed ceramic fibers. Additionally, it is made of refractory ceramic fibers, typically alkaline earth silicate fibers that can withstand high temperatures up to 1,600°C. Menawhile, high alumina ceramic fiber papers can go up to 2,000°C. Ceramic fiber paper is flexible but more dense and durable than ceramic fiber blankets. So It has higher tensile strength and can be cut and shaped more easily.

Main 5 Features Of Ceramic Fiber Papers By Laurel Group

When we talk about Ceramic fiber papers, it has many features worth buying and using. According to its materials’ properties, let us list the features below:

  • Firstly, High temperature resistance
  • Secondly, Ceramic fiber papers have higher strength than blankets
  • Thirdly, Flexible and can conform to curved surfaces
  • Fourthly, Ceramic fiber paper can be recycled after use
  • Fifthly, Ceramic fiber paper is still lightweight, easy to handle and transport

Key 6 Limitations Of Ceramic Fiber Papers

  • Although ceramic fiber insulation paper provide good performance and value overall, the materials do tend to cost more than some other insulation options.
  • Sealing edges and joints with high-temperature resistant sealants, tapes or woven jackets is important. However, it can be more challenging and time-consuming than with some other insulation types.
  • Once wet from exposure to moisture, steam, or wet installation/removal, ceramic fiber paper can become heavy, brittle and more prone to damage/tearing.
  • While recycling fiber materials is possible, reusing existing aluminium silicate ceramic fiber paper often proves difficult in practice.
  • For ultra-high temperature use above 1600°C, high alumina ceramic fiber grades must be used.
  • While stronger than blankets, ceramic fiber papers can still be somewhat brittle.