Conventional Dense Castable

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What Is Conventional Dense Castable?

The usage of conventional dense castable is versatile and includes applications like lining of ladles, tundish covers, burner blocks, precast shapes, and kiln car bases. Refractory linings in cement, steel, and non-ferrous metal industries also utilize it in their construction.

Special cements called dense castables are appropriate for utilization in environments with high temperatures. Traditional cements are ineffective in industries involving high temperature processes, which is why these are necessary. The last few decades have seen the evolution of alumina based refractory castables. The physical and chemical properties of these products are excellent, making them suitable for usage in the iron and steel, petrochemical, and cement sectors.

Laurel Group, For The Production Of Conventional Castables

Laurel Group has been producing and exporting refractory castable to various countries including UAE, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Africa, Tanzania, for a considerable period of time in India. The production of these items by the company is based on industry standards and the specific needs of its customers. These products find application in high temperature environments like the hot face linings of furnaces and linings that are in constant contact with molten metal.

Characteristics Of Castables With High Density

Galaxy Enterprise produces various cement castable that possess individual features and are appropriate for specific industrial uses.

  • Thermal conductivity is very low
  • Mechanical strength is great
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Offered in various configurations