Calcium Silicate Pipe

Laurel Group, A Famous Calcium Silicate Pipe Manufacturer

Laurel Group holds a prominent position as both a supplier and manufacturer of materials for insulation and refractory purposes. Products such as fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, insulating bricks, ceramic fiber products, and calcium silicate products are included. We offer a worldwide purchasing platform for refractory and insulation materials, coupled with professional advice on furnace products, to make energy savings easier for you.

Calcium Silicate Pipe From Laurel Group

The Laurel Group supplies pre-formed calcium silicate pipe which are high-temperature and abuse-resistant, serving as pipe insulation and block insulation. Its structural strength is exceptional. It can also be applied to operating systems with a temperature range of 1,200°F (650°C).

Detail Of Pipe Made By Calcium Silicate

Calcium silicate pipe cover consist of hydrous calcium silicate and a specific formula and process that prevent external corrosion on equipment and pipe surfaces.

Common Applications Of Calcium Silicate For Pipe Or Board

1. CalSil finds its usage in insulating high-temperature pipes and equipment as well as for enhancing fire endurance. The product is produced and marketed in three various types, including preformed block, preformed pipe, and board. The calcium silicate produced in North America is known for its superior features, such as its ability to withstand high pressure, prevent corrosion, and maintain its structural integrity at high temperatures.

  • Type I, designed for pipe and block, can endure continuous temperatures up to 1,200°F,
  • Type II, calcium silicate tube, can withstand up to 1,700°F.

2. In industrial facilities, calcium silicate insulation is generally used to cover pipes and equipment with high temperatures exceeding 250°F. Chemical plants, refineries, and steam electric power plants, for instance. Due to its noncombustible nature (ASTM E136), high flexural strength, extremely high compressive strength, Class A rating for Flame Spread/Smoke Developed, relatively flat thermal conductivity curve and rigidity, it is extensively used in industrial applications that require resistance to physical abuse and high temperatures.

3. Calcium silicate is capable of enduring significant physical abuse without compromising its insulating efficacy.

  • Its compressive strength above 100 psi,
  • Flexural strength above 50 psi,
  • Resistance to tumbling-induced damage,
  • Ability to maintain these traits up to its rated 1,200°F over time.

4. Furthermore, the ability of calcium silicate insulation to endure vibration caused by high-temperature steam flow around internal pipe barriers like valve internals, measuring devices, and flow restriction orifices remains intact.