Low Cement Castable

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What Is Low Cement Castable?

This Low Cement Castable is made using less cement compared to the usual dense castable. Low cement castable refractories exhibit variations in alumina content, resulting in exceptional physical characteristics, such as low porosity, excellent abrasion resistance, and high strength.

Low cement castable products have the advantage of being easily pumped into position and some may not require vibration due to their free-flowing nature, though they still typically require controlled installation.

Well-respected Laurel Group

The Laurel Group is a well-respected company that produces and exports a selection of quality Refractory Castables, Industrial Bricks, Boiler Sand, Arch Block, and other products.

  • The products we offer include Insulating Castables, High Alumina Fire Bricks, Bottom Pouring Set, Ladle Covering Compound, and Tundish Boards.
  • Our products are well-liked in the market due to their durability, low maintenance, and perfect finish.
  • Since the beginning, we have provided a top-notch selection of refractories and related services to diverse industries.

Laurel Group Own Latest Branded Machines & Equipment

  • Our infrastructural facility is state-of-the-art and well-equipped with the latest branded machines and equipment.
  • The company’s infrastructure is segmented into various units, including manufacturing, quality testing, research and development, as well as warehousing and packaging.

Monitoring And Rigorous Quality Inspections From Laurel Group

In addition to this, Laurel Group make certain to conduct frequent monitoring and rigorous quality inspections on our merchandise prior to sending them out to our clientele. We have supplied cement castable to prominent industrial customers across multiple sectors, while actively meeting the needs of diverse industries. Our clients consider us their favorites due to our dependable products and services.