Calcium Silicate Board

Lead You To Know About Laurel Group?

The Laurel Group is a leading supplier and manufacturer of calcium silicate board. Including clay refractory bricks, high alumina bricks, etc. Meanwhile, main products list includes white Calcium Silicate Board 75mm, Customized Calcium Silicate Board 25mm, wholesale SK32, SK34, SK36, SK38 alumina refractory fire clay brick and resisting high temperature high alumina bricks, etc.

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What Are Calcium Silicate Boards?

Refractory calcium silicate board are a building material made primarily of calcium silicate. Actually, it is a compound of calcium, silicon, and oxygen. It is commonly used as a substitute for traditional plaster and gypsum boards in construction, offering a variety of benefits such as fire resistance, moisture resistance, and durability.

Properties of Calcium Silicate Board

  • Calcium silicate board can withstand high temperatures without damage. It has a max service temperature of around 1,000°C.
  • Calcium silicate board is a poor conductor of heat, sound and electricity.
  • It is non-combustible and fireproof. It will not burn or promote flame spread.
  • Calcium silicate board has some weather resistance and can withstand exposure to humidity and moisture.
  • It has low thermal expansion and remains dimensionally stable even at high temperatures.

Certifications For Calcium Silicate Boards

The Laurel Group is a leading supplier and manufacturer of calcium silicate boards. We provide relevant certificates. It is convenient to export ceramic fiber insulation materials, insulation bricks, calcium silicate insulation materials and refractory bricks through trade with foreign customers. Below we list the product certifications as follows:

  1. ISO9001:2008
  2. ISET
  3. Certification ECM

How To Maintenance Of Calcium Silicate Board?

  • For regular dusting and wiping, use a soft damp cloth or microfiber cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners or strong detergents.
  • Use a soft sponge or non- abrasive scrubber along with a mild detergent solution for tough stains or residue buildup.
  • calcium silicate panel are chemically inert and non-reactive, so it does not require any special maintenance.
  • Avoid use of steel wool, abrasive pads, strong acids or alkalis. Because it can lead to surface scratches.
  • Do not polish calcium silicate board surfaces as they have a matte finish. Polishing can alter the surface texture.