Mullite Insulating Brick

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How Many Features Of Mullite Insulating Bricks?

  • Firstly, mullite Insulating brick undergo selected shaping processes after being made of either synthetic fused mullite or sintered mullite, and then fired in high temperature furnaces.
  • Secondly, mullite bricks possess high density, low porosity, good hot strength, and good slag resistance.
  • Mullite bricks excel in high temperature and high load situations, like regenerative chambers of glass melters’ hot end, furnace superstructure, and glass fiber melters’ arch, due to their strong thermal properties, high temperature strength, and resistance to thermal shock.

Other Mullite Refractory Bricks

  • Mullite is added to Insulating Firebricks (IFB) to enhance its insulating properties while maintaining its light weight and high strength.
  • Additionally, mullite bricks may made of corundum.
  • Similar to high alumina bricks and zirconia bricks, Zircon Mullite Bricks are employed for glass melting tanks’ superstructure. Moreover, zircon Mullite Bricks have greater strength and resistance to corrosion.

Laurel Group, A Dominant Supplier & Manufacturer Of Mullite Insulating Bricks

The Laurel Group offers JM23 insulation bricks, Corundum Mullite Bricks, Zircon Mullite Bricks, and insulating fire bricks with high quality Mullite at globally competitive prices.

Additionally, the Laurel Group is committed to providing superior products, services, and technical support to the worldwide market. To cater to the demand of our foreign customers in the local market, we offer relevant certifications.

In order to facilitate the export of ceramic fiber insulation, insulating bricks, calcium silicate insulation, and refractory bricks in trade with foreign customers. Below are the listed certifications of the products.

  • ISO9001:2008
  • Certification ECM
  • ISET