Gunning Castable

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Concept Of Gunning Castable?

A refractory mix called gunning castable is used to fill the space between the interior of a furnace shell and the melting charge in metallurgical furnaces, such as blast furnaces or basic oxygen furnaces, by ramming them. Gunning materials, commonly utilized in the steel industry, are unshaped refractories that serve the purpose of maintaining converter linings. Additionally, no changes have been made concerning the semantics or the components of the sentence.

  • In order to enhance adherence to the wall, the specific methods they use for processing, which involves projecting a mixture of water and powder onto a hot wall covered with slag, demands rheological properties that are specific to the mixture.
  • Reportedly, slag splashing before gunning strongly enhances adherence. Slag solidification at the interface is often the cause of this.
  • In addition, it was demonstrated that the lifespan of repairs could be extended by performing slag splashing after gunning.

The 4 Key Requirements Of A Gunning Castable

  • Outstanding refractory characteristics.
  • Without significant deterioration, it is necessary for it to endure temperatures ranging from 2,000-2,500°C.
  • Thermal conductivity is low.
  • It reduces heat transfer to the furnace lining and, as a result, offers thermal insulation. Aggregates with low conductivity and porosity are required.

What Could Laurel Group Provide?

Laurel Group manufactures and exports Gunning refractory castable to several countries including UAE, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Africa, Tanzania and for quite some time in India.

The Laurel Group is committed to providing excellence in products, services and technical support to the global marketplace. In order to meet the needs of our foreign customers in the local market, we provide relevant certifications below:

  • ISO9001:2008
  • Certification ECM
  • ISET

The company manufactures these products according to industry standards and the specific needs of customers. These products are used in high temperature environments such as the hot face linings of furnaces and linings that are in continuous contact with molten metal. Please do not hesitate to conact with us for more products detail.