High Density Calcium Silicate Board 75mm

1.Light bulk weight, Low thermal conductivity
2.High bending and compressive strength
3.Good durability
4.Strong practicability in construction.
5.Non-toxic, non hazardous substances.

Product Description

Laurel Calcium Silicate Board has a white and hard texture, and is a high temperature insulation material made from lightweight calcium silicate with high strength, low thermal conductivity, and pressure-resistant properties.

As a backup insulation, it can be utilized in various industries. Especially for building industrial furnaces, dryers, and equipment, as well as in the cement and petrochemical sectors, it serves as a traditional, cost-effective insulating material.

Regular Dimension for Calcium Silicate Board:

  • 600x300mm;
  • 450*250mm;
  • 1000*500mm;
  • 1200*610mm,

or any other customized dimension as required.


Item Unit Laurel-1000   Grade CS Board
Chemical   Composition % SiO2≥55; CaO≥36; Al2O3≤0.5;   Fe2O3≤0.5
Bulk Density Kg/m3 250(±10%) 280(±10%)
Flexural Strength Mpa ≥0.35 ≥0.60
Compressive strength Mpa ≥0.65 ≥1.10
Max   service temperature 1000
Thermal Conductivity 100℃ ≤0.058 ≤0.065
200℃ ≤0.069 ≤0.075
300℃ ≤0.081 ≤0.087
400℃ ≤0.095 ≤0.100
500℃ ≤0.110 ≤0.115
600℃ ≤0.122 ≤0.130
Linear Shrinkage (1000 C,16hrs)/% ≤2 ≤2



The products find application in environments that demand high strength and thermal insulation, and are extensively utilized in cement, steel & iron, glass industry, furnace, kiln, and stove lining.