Calcium Silicate Board 6mm 8mm 10mm For Eps Sandwich Wall

1.Light bulk weight, Low thermal conductivity
2.High bending and compressive strength
3.Good durability
4.Strong practicability in construction.
5.Non-toxic, non hazardous substances.

Product Description

Laurel Calcium Silicate Board has a white and hard texture, and is a high temperature insulation material made from lightweight calcium silicate with high strength, low thermal conductivity, and pressure-resistant properties.

High-density calcium silicate insulation board is developed for the non-ferrous industry, used for feeding, casting and forming of molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, and can also be used for fixtures in the glass industry.

In addition to its insulating properties, its non-stick aluminum properties play a big role.

Superior strength and good processing performance make it the material of choice for precision CNC machining parts and complex components.

As a backup insulation, it can be utilized in various industries. Especially for building industrial furnaces, dryers, and equipment, as well as in the cement and petrochemical sectors, it serves as a traditional, cost-effective insulating material.

Regular Dimension for Calcium Silicate Board:

  • 600x300mm;
  • 450*250mm;
  • 1000*500mm;
  • 1200*610mm,

or any other customized dimension as required.

Product Features

  • Good durability, able to withstand high temperature within the limit range of continuous thermal load.
  • Low thermal conductivity, light weight and high strength. It is the highest among these rigid insulation products.
  • Better durability, no powder falling after long-term use.
  • Easy to process and cut.
  • It is safe and hygienic to use. Does not contain toxic substances such as asbestos, sulfur, and chlorine.


Item Unit Laurel-1000   Grade CS Board
Chemical   Composition % SiO2≥55; CaO≥36; Al2O3≤0.5;   Fe2O3≤0.5
Bulk Density Kg/m3 250(±10%) 280(±10%)
Flexural Strength Mpa ≥0.35 ≥0.60
Compressive strength Mpa ≥0.65 ≥1.10
Max   service temperature 1000
Thermal Conductivity 100℃ ≤0.058 ≤0.065
200℃ ≤0.069 ≤0.075
300℃ ≤0.081 ≤0.087
400℃ ≤0.095 ≤0.100
500℃ ≤0.110 ≤0.115
600℃ ≤0.122 ≤0.130
Linear Shrinkage (1000 C,16hrs)/% ≤2 ≤2



These products find usage in settings that demand high strength and thermal insulation, and are extensively employed in the cement, steel and iron, glass industry, as well as in furnace, kiln, and stove linings.