What is the melting point of refractory bricks?

Apr 10, 2023

Now refractory bricks are used more and more frequently, and their refractoriness is indeed very high. When it comes to its refractoriness, we have to mention its melting point.

You will need to know its melting point when buy it. What’s the melting point ?Let’s check it out in the following details:

1. Refractory materials fired from refractory clay or other refractory raw materials. It is mainly used to build smelting furnaces, which can withstand high temperatures of 1580°C-1770°C.
2. Clay bricks are weakly acidic refractory materials. Although the refractoriness of clay bricks used in industrial furnaces is above 1600°C, the initial temperature of softening under load is only 1250-1300°C. The raw materials of clay bricks used in industrial furnaces are abundant, the manufacturing technology is relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low.
3. Magnesia bricks are refractory bricks with an MgO content of more than 80-85% and periclase as the main mineral. The melting point of MgO is as high as 2800 °C. The refractoriness of magnesia bricks is above 2000°C, but its load softening point is very low, only 1500-1550°C. This is because the periphery of the periclase crystal is bonded by low-melting forsterite and glass, and the periclase does not form a continuous crystal network, the load deformation temperature is very low, and it begins to soften to the temperature of 40% deformation The distance is very small, only 30-50°C. The thermal stability of magnesia bricks is also poor, and it is easy to crack during rapid cooling and rapid heating, which is an important factor for the damage of magnesia bricks
4. General corundum refractory bricks are suitable for the lining of the heavy oil gasification furnace with a working pressure below 3MPa, the important part of the lining of the saline wastewater incinerator, and the radiant burner bricks working at high temperatures. Generally, the use temperature of corundum bricks is below 1600-1670 degrees Celsius. Lightweight refractory clay bricks are used as the kiln lining that is not corroded by high-temperature slag and corrosive gases. According to different capacities, the service temperature is between 1150-1400 °C.
The knowledge of the melting point of refractory bricks is just the introduction of the above content. Only after we know some of its melting points in detail before buying, then we will get more advantages when we buy and use it in the future.