The Benefits of Ceramic Fiber Board Insulation – Explaination By LAUREL

Apr 25, 2024

As buildings and industrial facilities push for higher energy efficiency, fire resistance has become increasingly important. Ceramic fiber board insulation provides durable, high-temperature protection for infrastructure in need. Leading manufacturer Laurel Group produces world-class ceramic fiber boards meeting strict international standards.

ceramic fiber board insulation

Composition Of Standard Ceramic Fiber Boards


Laurel ceramic fiber boards use aluminosilicate fibers stabilized by shot content addition, yielding material with over 44% Al2O3 and 96% total Al2O3 + SiO2 content. This high alumina-silica matrix gives boards excellent structural integrity and refractoriness up to 1260°C. Fiber diameters of 3.5um maximize insulation performance while maintaining a density range of 96-160kg/m3.


STD Fire Resistant Boards Properties


With thermal conductivity as low as 0.09W/mK at 400°C rising gradually to 0.172W/mK at 600°C, ceramic fiber boards provide outstanding insulation values at high service temperatures. They boast erosion/corrosion resistance from flue gases and endure thermal shocks and impacts better than alternatives. Shrinkage after heating to 1000°C remains under 2.5% to safeguard integrity. Tensile strength ranges from 0.04-0.075MPa.


Applications Of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Board


Suitable for lining industrial furnaces and kilns, Laurel boards protect steel structures from direct heat exposure. Their low heat storage capabilities minimize thermal lag to help processes achieve optimal temperatures quicker. As thermal insulation for pipes, ducts, breeching and boilers, they lower energy costs. Ceramic fiber insulation boards also act as firewalls and barriers against the spread of fire for up to four hours as classified by international testing.


Durability Is Excellent Features For Board By LAUREL


Boasting exceptional inertness, Laurel boards won’t degrade or shed fibers over time like mineral wool products prone to settlement. This durability lowers lifetime costs versus replacements required by less robust insulations. Impervious to moisture, mold or vermin, they maintain insulative properties regardless of ambient conditions. Laurel also supplies boards with CE, IAF and ECM international certifications for safety assurances to customers globally.


Is It Easy For Installation?


Easy to cut using simple tools, Laurel ceramic fiber boards install rapidly with mechanical fasteners or high-temperature adhesives. Their rigidity suits applications with limited space while providing the thickest possible insulation layer. Joints can be sealed with fiber mesh and adhesive for optimum performance longevity. Proper safety precautions should always be followed however due to potential airborne fiber risks if damaged.


Energy Savings Always Are Popular By Customers


By eliminating heat losses, Laurel boards contribute to reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs in facilities. As a sustainable material, they minimize CO2 emissions over the long run versus periodic replacement of alternatives prone to degrade faster. With the ability to save up to 30% on fuel costs, these energy efficient ceramic fiber insulation investments deliver quick returns through operational savings.


In summary, Laurel Group ceramic fiber boards provide durable, high-temperature insulation and fire protection for industrial applications. Their resilience and reliability lower total costs of ownership compared to alternatives over the lifetime of infrastructure and systems.


By choosing ceramic fiber fire resistant board particularly STD blankets from Laurel Group, individuals and industries can enhance their fire safety measures, reduce heat loss, and improve energy efficiency in their respective environments.