Ceramic Fiber Paper Insulation

Kind High Purity Ceramic Fiber
Manufacturing Technique Water Wash
Chemical Composition Al2O3.SiO2
Temprature Classification 1400℃, 1050℃

Product Description

Product Name Ceramic Fiber Paper Insulation
Length 12m –30m
Thickness 2mm, 3mm, 5mm
Width 610mm or 1220mm
Transport Package Carton
Specification as your request
Color Black
Shapes Any Shape as Your Drawing
Production Capacity 6000000PCS/Year
Main Application High Temperature Heat Resistant Seal

Ceramic paper is typically used as a lining material in furnaces or other high-temperature equipment, where it can help to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency. It can also be used as a gasket or seal in high-temperature applications, as it can be compressed to create a tight seal between two surfaces.

It’s worth noting that while ceramic fiber paper insulation can provide excellent thermal insulation, it should be handled with care, as the fibers can be irritating to the skin and respiratory system if inhaled. Proper protective equipmentand handling procedures should be used when installing or handling ceramic fiber paper insulation.

Ceramic paper