1430C Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Kind Ordinary Ceramic Fiber
Manufacturing Technique Spray Silk Rug
Chemical Composition Al2O3.SiO2
Temprature Classification 1260℃, 1050℃, 1430

Product Description

Product Name 1430C Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Certifiacte ISO9001, Ce, etc
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 96-160
Thermal Conductivity 0.09-0.76
Transport Package Sea-Worthy Wooden Pallet
Specification 7200x610x25mm/3600x610x50mm
Working Temperature 1050-1350
Delivery Time Within 20 Days
Production Capacity 20000rolls/Year
Usage High Temperature Insulating Material

A 1430°C ceramic fiber blanket is a type of insulation material that is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures up to 1430°C (2600°F). It is made from high-purity alumina-silica-zirconia ceramic fibers that are spun and then needled to form a flexible and lightweight blanket. The ceramic fibers used in these blankets are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand the high temperatures and harsh environments found in industries such as steel production, glass manufacturing, and petrochemical refining.

The future of 1430C Ceramic Fiber Blanket Manufacturer looks promising, as they continue to be widely used in high-temperature insulation applications due to their excellent insulation properties, low thermal conductivity, and high thermal stability. However, there is ongoing research and development in the industry to improve the performance and durability of these materials. For example, there are efforts to reduce the potential health risks associated with exposure to ceramic fibers by developing safer production and handling techniques.

1430C Ceramic Fiber Blanket Manufacturer