1350C Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Type Heat-Resistant Material
Shape Blanket
Material Al203+Sio2
Temperature 1100c/1260c/1420c/1600c

Product Description

Product Name 1350C Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Tensile Strength 0.04 MPa
Thickness 10-50 mm
Width 3-5um
Transport Package Woven Bag or Carton
Specification 7200x610x25/50 mm
Density 96kg/M3, 128kg/Ma3,160kg/M3
Apply for High Temperature Boilers, Steam Turbine
Production Capacity 200000tons/Year
Usage Industrial Furnace, Heating Devices

A 1350°C ceramic fiber blanket is a type of insulation material that is designed to withstand high temperatures up to 1350°C (2460°F). It is made from high-purity alumina-silica ceramic fibers that are spun and then needled to form a flexible and lightweight blanket. The ceramic fibers used in these blankets are usually made from raw materials such as alumina, silica, zirconia, or a combination of these materials.

A ceramic fiber blanket produced by 1350C Ceramic Fiber Blanket Supplier is commonly used in extremely high-temperature industrial applications such as petrochemical refining, power generation, and aerospace industries. It provides excellent insulation properties, low thermal conductivity, and high thermal stability, making it a suitable material for use in harsh environments.

1350C Ceramic Fiber Blanket Supplier