Withstanding the Flames: Calcium Silicate Boards for Fire Protection

Oct 21, 2023

Wherever fire safety is paramount, from industrial plants to commercial high-rises, calcium silicate boards provide trusted protection. Engineered to contain fires, these noncombustible panels resist flames, extreme heat, and temperature shock. Specifying calcium silicate boards for walls, ceilings, partitions, and equipment insulation safeguards lives and property even when exposed to intense fire. Understanding performance capabilities, compliance, sizes and installation best practices gives architects, contractors and owners confidence in these fireproof board building solutions.

fireproof board

How Calcium Silicate Boards Perform Under Fire 

Quality calcium silicate boards offer:

Fire resistance ratings from 1 to 4 hours

High-temperature stability to 1800°F before releasing structural strength

Thermal insulation from heat flow during fire exposure

Low thermal conductivity for energy efficiency in normal conditions

Noncombustible performance meeting ASTM E136

Resistance to repeated thermal shock and cycling

Calcium silicate withstands fire scenarios that quickly overcome other common building materials.

Meeting Industry Compliance Standards

Leading board products meet mandates like:

  • International Building Code (IBC) classifications
  • ASTM International test methods
  • UL fire resistance ratings
  • FM Approval standards

Performance backed by trusted certifications provides peace of mind.

Configurations to Meet Application Needs

Available fire rated boards range from:

  • Density from 9 to 36 pounds per cubic foot
  • Standard sizes of 4’x 8’ and 4’x 10’ sheets
  • Thicknesses from 1/4” up to 2”
  • Flat smooth sheets or grooved tongue-and-groove
  • Custom lengths, widths and shapes

The right configuration suits any fireproofing need.

With its proven drywall-like installation and fiercely fire resistant properties, calcium silicate boards continue advancing passive fire protection. Supporting public safety and property protection, calcium silicate deserves consideration anywhere fire presents risks.