The China Calcium Silicate Board Is Standing On The Cusp Of Opportunity

Nov 10, 2023

Calcium silicate board is a new type of building material, it is a composite building material mixed with a variety of materials, with fire, waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, corrosion resistance and other functions. Calcium silicate board can be widely used in building wall, roof, partition wall, ground and other fields, with high economic and social benefits.

The main composition of calcium silicate board is inorganic mineral fiber as reinforcement material, silicon, calcium and other materials as the main material composition. After a certain stabilization treatment, these materials are pressed at high temperature. Calcium silicate board has good folding strength, tensile strength and compressive strength, but also has fire resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation and other functions.

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Calcium silicate board whole body technology

The whole body process of calcium silicate board is the main reason for its environmental protection, and its production process is as follows:

  1. Mixing slurry

Food grade silica, industrial grade calcium hydroxide and water are mixed in a mixing bucket in a certain proportion to make a paste. Because the calcium silicate board needs to be made of the whole body, this process is very important, and the uniformity and texture of the slurry need to be controlled.

  1. Casting molding

The prepared paste is poured into a specific mold, and the vibration of a vibrator makes its internal molecules closely arranged, and finally forms a calcium silicate plate.

  1. Release the mold

After forming the calcium silicate board, it is necessary to wait for a certain time to make it naturally harden and reach a certain strength after stripping, this process needs to strictly control the time, so as not to affect the hardness and uniformity of the calcium silicate board.

  1. Cut

The calcium silicate board also needs to be cut after forming, and the cut calcium silicate board has good size and flatness, and can be used for various construction projects.High Density Calcium Silicate Board 75mm is common in construction.

High Temperature Calcium Silicate Board

Benefits of High Density Calcium Silicate Board

The above manufacturing process gives calcium silicate board the following advantages:

  • Environmental health: calcium silicate board made of pure inorganic materials, the process does not need to use any harmful substances, no pollution to the environment, in line with environmental health requirements.
  • High performance: calcium silicate board with waterproof, anti-corrosion, sound insulation, fire and other properties, can be widely used in a variety of places, 1000 Degree Heat Insulation Calcium Silicate Boardprovides high-performance protection for buildings.
  • Whole body process: The whole body of calcium silicate board is made, which has the characteristics of uniform strength and dense texture, and is more durable than traditional building materials.
  • Convenient construction: calcium silicate board light weight, large specifications, simple and fast construction, can save manpower and material resources and time costs.


A promising future for Heat Insulation Calcium Silicate products

Calcium silicate board has been widely used in various fields, especially in the field of construction has shown a certain advantage. Its main application areas include: wall, ceiling, isolation board, central air conditioning pipe, ground moisture-proof board, insulation board, etc.

Wall insulation materials and building energy conservation industry is in a period of rapid development, in the past five years, environmental protection new wall materials, especially the output value of new wall insulation materials at a rate of about 20% per year. Traditional energy-consuming building materials are gradually replaced by new building materials and fade out of the market. New energy-saving building materials represented by 1700℃ Good Performance Insulating Castable and board will continue to develop.

With the increase of infrastructure investment in electric power, petrochemical and urban heat pipe networks at home and abroad in the future, calcium silicate insulation products will face huge market opportunities in these fields too.

Laurel Group from China have faith for calcium silicate insulation and will keep working with this material.We welcome every buyers warmly.