The Benefits Of Ceramic Paper And Fire Resistant Paper

Jul 17, 2023


Ceramic fiber paper is made from interlocking ceramic fibers that resemble ordinary paper but have remarkable heat resistant properties. Ceramic paper can withstand temperatures up to 1260°C while maintaining its shape and integrity. This high temperature tolerance makes ceramic paper useful for a variety of applications that require thermal insulation and flame protection.

Fire resistant paper is made from materials like mica, meta-aramid, and silicone that enable it to withstand exposure to flames and high heat. While not as heat resistant as ceramic paper, fire resistant paper can handle temperatures up to 300°C and above.

fire resistant paper

Both ceramic paper and fire resistant paper offer several benefits:

Heat Resistance
Ceramic paper is engineered to perform consistently at extreme temperatures, often up to 1260°C. It retains tensile strength, flexibility and insulation properties even after prolonged exposure to such high temperatures. This allows ceramic paper to function reliably as an insulation material in applications where ordinary paper would combust or break down. Fire resistant paper can handle temperatures from 150 to 300°C and above, depending on the material it is made from.

Thermal Insulation
Thanks to their stable molecular structure and air pockets between fibers, ceramic paper and fire resistant paper are effective thermal insulators. They have low thermal conductivity which reduces heat transfer, helping maintain even operating temperatures. This thermal insulation property makes them useful as gaskets, seals and barriers to protect materials and equipment from excessive heat.

Chemical Resistance
The inorganic nature of ceramic fibers gives ceramic paper excellent chemical resistance. It is not affected by most acids, alkalis and salts, enabling it to function reliably around corrosive chemicals. Fire resistant paper made with mica or aramid is also resistant to common industrial chemicals. This chemical stability allows them to act as gaskets, insulation blankets and seals in a wide range of applications.

Durability and Flexibility
Despite their heat resistant properties, both ceramic paper and fire resistant paper remain flexible enough to be formed or cut into specific shapes. They regain their shape when flexed and retain their insulation properties, making them suitable for gasketing and sealing irregular surfaces. Ceramic paper in particular remains durable even after repeated exposure to extreme temperatures.

Since ceramic paper does not combust even at high temperatures, it has applications as insulation to reduce the spread of fire. Fire resistant paper is designed specifically to not ignite, spread flames or produce toxic fumes when exposed to fire. They can improve the fire rating of various materials and equipment.

Applications Of 1260C Ceramic Fiber Paper

Some useful applications of ceramic paper and fire resistant paper include:

Gaskets and Seals – Used as temperature resistant seals and gaskets in places like flanges, valves and inspection hatches that experience high heat or flame. They provide a tight seal while withstanding thermal cycling.

Thermal Baffles – Used as heat shields or flame barriers to protect sensitive materials and components from radiant heat and flames. They reflect heat away while allowing gases and fluids to pass through.

Insulation Wraps and Blankets – Used to insulate industrial pipes, ducts and vessels carrying hot fluids or exposed to high operating temperatures. They reduce conductive and radiative heat losses.

Valve and Kiln Insulation – Used to insulate valves, rotary joints, thermocouples, viewing ports and other components of industrial furnaces operating between 700 to 1260°C. They protect against radiant heat and extend component lifetimes.

Fire-resistant Panels – Used in fireproof gasket partitions, doors and shutters that must retain their integrity when exposed to flames for a certain period of time. Ceramic paper faced panels can achieve higher fire resistance ratings.