Refractory Products Are Essential For High Temperature Applications

Nov 19, 2023

Ceramic fiber pipe insulation is a high-temperature refractory material that can withstand extremely high temperature ranges. According to different materials and manufacturing processes, the temperature range of ceramic fiber tubes is also different. Under normal circumstances, the temperature range of ceramic fiber tubes can reach more than 1000 ° C.

Ceramic fiber pipe has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical erosion resistance and other superior properties, especially at high temperature performance, suitable for high temperature heating, high temperature oxidation, high pressure steam and other environments. ceramic fiber pipe insulation has anti-deflection, wear resistance, heat resistance, ceramic pipe can also withstand some sharp attacks, without being penetrated and damaged. This makes it an advantageous high temperature pipe and is widely used. Due to its high performance, ceramic fiber tubes are widely used in some special fields, such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, petroleum, fertilizer, steel, electric power, semiconductor, national defense and other fields.

Laurel ltd. is a manufacturer from China specializing in the production of refractory materials such as ceramic fiber pipe insulation and China Fire Resistant High Alumina Brick Refractory Brick.

Next, Laurel,China will introduce something about refractory pipe insulation.


Brief introduction to the performance of ceramic fiber pipe

The ceramic fiber insulation density is 280-320kg/ m3. Ceramic fiber board is processed by wet vacuum forming process. The strength of this kind of product is higher than that of fiber blanket and vacuum forming felt, and it is suitable for high temperature fields where the product has rigid strength requirements.

Ceramic fiber board high compressive strength, long service life; Ceramic fiber has low thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity; Ceramic fiber is non-brittle material, good toughness, accurate size, and good flatness; Ceramic fiber is easy to cut and install, convenient construction; Ceramic fiber has excellent resistance to wind erosion.

In the high temperature pipeline, ceramic fiber pipe insulation is widely used. For example, high temperature ceramic pipes can withstand the transport of high temperature media such as high temperature steam, high temperature gas, flue gas and chemical waste. In addition, ceramic fiber pipe insulation also have high storage capacity, such as hydrochloric acid and lye through high-temperature pipes. In addition, ceramic fiber pipe insulation are also a high-performance choice in a variety of high-temperature industrial heating systems.

The difference between high aluminum pipe and ceramic fiber pipe

High aluminum pipes are like China Fire Resistant High Alumina Brick Refractory Brick, is another commonly used refractory material.They have these several difference:

  1. Physical property

High aluminum pipe has high temperature pressure resistance, high hardness, good wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, and can resist many acidic, alkaline and oxidizing media corrosion. The ceramic tube has good compressive and bending resistance, excellent insulation and wear resistance.

  1. Chemical property

The main components of high-aluminum tubes are aluminum oxide and aluminum silicate, which are not easy to be corroded at high temperatures and can resist the erosion of many chemical substances. Ceramic tubes are different according to different composition materials, and the specific chemical properties are also uneven.


High aluminum pipe is mainly used for refractory materials, such as furnaces, furnaces and other high temperature environment lining and thermal insulation materials. Ceramic tubes are mainly used in electrical and mechanical fields, such as porcelain plate capacitors, porcelain wire insulators, ceramic gas nozzles and so on.


The field of refractory material in China

With the promotion of industrial policies such as China’s economic transformation and development, energy conservation and emission reduction, and compression of backward production capacity, the growth rate of high-temperature industries such as steel, nonferrous metals and building materials has slowed down, which has also indirectly guided the development direction of refractory materials. In recent years, the overall market size of China’s refractory industry has grown, and the market size is about 171.798 billion yuan by 2022.

Refractory manufacturers, including Laurel, have continued to improve and explore in it, and have now established a mature and reliable market in China.

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