High insulating properties Jm Insulating Fire Bricks

Feature Long Time Materials
Material Mullite
Type Refractory Material
Shape Brick

Product Description

Product name High insulating properties Jm Insulating Fire Bricks
Model NO. JM23, JM26, JM28, JM30, JM32
Certifiacte ISO9001, CE, etc
Specification 230x114x65mm/230x114x76mm
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 0.6g/cm3
Min. Order 1 Piece
Refractoriness (℃) Refractoriness (℃)
Transport Package Sea-Worthy Wooden Case
Production Capacity 20000mt/Year
Cold Crushing Strength 1.0-10MPa

The bulk density of JM series lightweight heat-insulating brick is 0.6~1.25g/cm3. Working temperatures range from 1300ºC to 1600ºC . Each grade of products has unique design to meet different thermal, physical and chemical demands.GM series lightweight heat-insulating bricks are made from good quality and super-pure raw materials, with strictly classified fillings according to their grades. These fillings can form a uniform pore structure after burnt during the process of manufacture.Each face of the brick is machined to the required accurate size.this material profitable by lessening fuel costs, construction costs and reducing the amount of time spent in the high temp furnace.

High insulating properties Mullite Insulating Brick