Ceramic Fiber Insulation Near Me

  1. Known for its low thermal conductivity, minimal heat storage, and absence of asbestos, Ceramic Fiber Insulation Near Me stands out.
  2. Ceramic fiber blankets are cherished for their remarkable tensile strength and their ability to endure thermal shocks.
  3. No binders are contained in Ceramic Fiber Insulation Near Me, which makes sound absorption possible while preventing smoke generation or furnace atmosphere contamination.
  4. In the situation of a lining defect, the quick repair feature allows immediate cooling of the furnace.
  5. Lastly, ceramic fibers dismiss the need for any curing or drying time and can be fired up to operational temperatures straightaway.

Product Description

Understanding Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic fiber insulation is a specialized type of refractory insulation material. It is created from ceramic fibers bonded together using inorganic binders. The resulting boards and blanks are engineered to deliver outstanding thermal insulation and resistance to high temperatures.

Applications of Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic fiber insulation is used across a variety of sectors, such as:

  • Furnaces and Kilns: Used in insulating furnace linings, kiln furniture, and heat treating equipment.
  • Power Generation: Utilized for insulating turbines, generators, and boilers in power plants.
  • Petrochemical Industry: Plays a role in insulating vessels, pipes, and equipment in petrochemical plants.
  • Aerospace Industry: Essential for insulating parts and components of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • High-Temperature Situations: Employed in insulating high-temperature equipment like heat exchangers and reactors.

When Cutomers Ask Quality Ceramic Fiber Insulation Near Me

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Ceramic Fiber Insulation Near Me

Item Standard H Pure Zirconium
AL2O3(%) ≥44 ≥45 ≥34
Sio2(%) ≥52 ≥54 ≥50
Fe2O3+Tio2(%) ≤1.0 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
ZrO2(%) ≥15
Classification   Temperature (℃) 1260 1260 1430
Working   Temperature (℃) 1050 1100 1350
Density   (kg/m3) 160-220 160-220 160-220
linear   shrinkage after heating(%) @24 hours ≤2.5 ≤2.5 ≤3.5
(1000°C) (1100°C) (1350°C)
Thermal   Conductivity(w/m.k) @400°C 0.09 0.101 0.118

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