Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes

  1. Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes signifies excellence with its low thermal conductivity, slight heat storage, and lack of asbestos.
  2. The formidable tensile strength and capacity to defy thermal shocks distinguish ceramic fiber blankets from others.
  3. Sound absorption is possible with Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes, and due to its binder-free structure, furnace pollution or fume creation is avoided.
  4. The quick repair mechanism allows for immediate furnace cooling in the event of lining damage.
  5. Ceramic fibers standout by requiring no curing or drying spell and can be livened to functional temperatures right away.

Product Description

Deciphering Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes

A Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes refers to a particular type of insulation material that’s refractory in nature and crafted from ceramic fibers. These fibers are interwoven to create a blanket-like shape, offering superior thermal protection and resistance against extremely high temperatures.

Unique Characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes:

  • Can withstand high temperatures, reaching up to 2300°F (1260°C)
  • Has low thermal conductivity which contributes to energy efficiency
  • Resists damage from chemical reactions, including corrosion and acid attacks
  • Exhibits non-flammable properties and works as a flame retardant
  • Simple and uncomplicated installation process
  • Available in a multitude of sizes and degrees of thickness

Where is Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes Used?

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes is commonly deployed in various sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Furnaces and Kilns: It’s used for insulating furnace interiors, kiln furniture, and heat treatment apparatus.
  • Power Generation: It’s used in insulating boilers, generators, and turbines in power generation facilities.
  • Petrochemical Industry: Plays a key role in insulating pipes, vessels, and equipment in petrochemical plants.
  • Aerospace Industry: Crucial for insulating components in aircrafts and spacecrafts.
  • High-Temperature Applications: Used in insulating heat exchangers, reactors, and other machines that operate at high temperatures.

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes

Item Standard H Pure Zirconium
AL2O3(%) ≥44 ≥45 ≥34
Sio2(%) ≥52 ≥54 ≥50
Fe2O3+Tio2(%) ≤1.0 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
ZrO2(%) ≥15
Classification   Temperature (℃) 1260 1260 1430
Working   Temperature (℃) 1050 1100 1350
Density   (kg/m3) 160-220 160-220 160-220
linear   shrinkage after heating(%) @24 hours ≤2.5 ≤2.5 ≤3.5
(1000°C) (1100°C) (1350°C)
Thermal   Conductivity(w/m.k) @400°C 0.09 0.101 0.118

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Lowes Package And Shipping

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