Leveraging Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes for Industrial Insulation Needs

Jul 15, 2023

Ceramic fiber products provide a versatile, high temperature insulation solution for diverse industries. One specialized category of ceramic fiber products is vacuum formed shapes and custom pieces. Let’s explore the benefits of 1,260°C ceramic fiber vacuum formed products.

customized ceramic fiber vacuum

Introduction To Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes

Ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes refer to specialized ceramic fiber insulation pieces that are formed by heating and vacuuming ceramic fiber blankets or boards into a mold. This imparts precise, complex and customized shapes.

Some benefits of ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes:

• Can be fabricated into complex geometries needed for insulating irregular surfaces.
• Facilitate rapid insulation of piping, ducting, tanks, vessels, equipment etc.
• Low thermal conductivity provides effective insulation.
• High temperature stability up to 1,260°C.
• Low heat storage capacity reduces thermal shocks during start-up and shutdown.
• Resilient insulation that can undergo multiple heating and cooling cycles.
• Variety of thickness and density options available.

1260°C Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes

1260C ceramic fiber vacuum formed products capable of continuous use up to 1260°C provide effective insulation for a wide range of high temperature processes in industries like energy, petrochemical, metals, heat treatment, and more.

Some applications for 1,260°C vacuum formed shapes:

• Insulation for piping, ducting, stacks and chimneys handling gases above 1,000°C.
• Insulation for high temperature thermal equipment like reformers, crackers and process heaters.
• Insulation for radiant tubes in heat treatment furnaces.
• Reformer header insulation in ammonia, methanol and hydrogen plants.
• Custom insulation pieces for covering expansion joints, valves, flanges etc.
• Primary insulation for support pillars, hanger pins and other auxiliary equipment.

1260°C ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes deliver lower heat losses, safer external surface temperatures, and reduced downtime for maintenance of insulation. This results in improved energy efficiency, lower emissions, and higher productivity.

Ceramic Fiber Special Shapes

Ceramic fiber special shape refers to pre-fabricated pieces that have precise configurations like cylinders, tubes, rings, cups, half-shells, and more.

Advantages of utilizing special shapes:

• Faster installation of insulation without requiring extensive fabrication at site.
• Consistent dimensions and quality assured properties.
• Complex multi-layered designs to optimize insulation performance.
• Enable insulation of curved and irregular geometries.
• Lower labor costs and downtimes.

Common applications of ceramic fiber special shapes:

• Precision machined pipe insulation covers.
• Insulating rings for filling gaps around penetrations.
• Cylinder and cone shaped insulation for vessels with heads.
• Multi-layer tubular insulation for ducts and stacks.
• Half shells for insulating large pipes, equipment, tanks etc.

Customized Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Solutions

Benefits of customized fabrication:

• Insulation pieces designed and shaped specifically for unique equipment geometry and service conditions.
• Multi-density insulation configurations to maximize thermal performance.
• Incorporation of ancillary components like support pins, attachment hardware etc.
• Reduced steps and lower costs for insulation at client site.

Some common custom engineered solutions include:

• Insulation casing for reaction chambers, columns, heavy wall vessels etc.
• Multilayer insulationmodules for ducts, stacks, reactors to achieve target insulation thickness and density.
• Prefabricated insulation screens for covering large equipment like steam drums, gas turbines etc. during maintenance.
• Shaped end caps for insulating open ended pipes and equipment.