Leveraging Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blankets for High-Heat Applications

Aug 23, 2023

Power, petrochemical and metallurgical industries increasingly rely on reliable thermal insulation preserving equipment integrity. Ceramic fiber blankets satisfy demanding applications through sustained temperature resistance and durability. Their customizable configurations streamline installations minimizing maintenance expenses. Proper handling procedures also safeguard installers through certified materials reducing necessary PPE.

ceramic fiber board insulation

Thermal Properties

Ceramic fiber insulation blanket roll excel at continuous operating temperatures up to 2300°F/1260°C:

  • Low heat storage mitigates thermal shock and stress on enclosed vessels/piping.
  • K-values as low as 0.29 BTU/hr-ft-°F deliver impressive R-values retaining heat within.
  • Incombustibility and non-glowing decomposition withstand flash fires and sparks.
  • Chemical inertness protects against corrosion from acids/caustics ubiquitous in processes.

Configuration Flexibility

Configurations facilitate wrappings:

  • Blanket Rolls: Convenient pre-cut bulk rolls blanket complex shapes economically.
  • Module Systems: Interlocking tiles simplify patching and traversing obstructions quickly.
  • Custom Shapes: Die-cut gaskets, fittings and tubular braids insulate special components.

Low Thermal Mass

Lightweight ceramic fiber insulation blanket minimize:

  • Thermal shock risks during temperature swings which crack other insulations.
  • Installation/removal labor costs relative to competing materials’ bulk.
  • Foundation/support requirements without added excessive mass stressing vessels.

Safe Materials

Minimally-loaded next-generation fibers release:

  • Low bio-available aluminosilicate particulates posing minimal inorganic dust risks.
  • No added formaldehyde, solvents or acrylates associated with respiratory sensitivities.
  • Trace constituents safeguarded below OSHA permissible exposure limits without respirators.

Properly containing cut edges maximizes installers’ protection reliably shielding personnel and applications from extreme process conditions indefinitely. Overall, ceramic fiber blanket insulation deliver uncompromising thermal defense tailored for the most inhospitable industrial environments.