Leading Insulation Bricks Factory Explain Ceramic Fiber Insulation Products

May 20, 2023

Ceramic Fiber Insulation is manufactured from spun ceramic fiber and is needled to provide exceptional handling strength for high-temperature insulation applications.

All grades are lightweight and thermally efficient resulting in a material that has the advantage of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Our office also supplies a Bio-Soluble blanket which is environmentally friendly. If you don’t see a specific blanket listed, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide a custom quote.

Leading Insulation Bricks Factory Explain You Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic fiber insulation is a type of high-temperature insulation made from ceramic fibers, typically alumina-silica fibers. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from 1,000°C to 1,400°C. Ceramic fiber insulation is also used in thermal insulation for buildings, as it provides excellent insulation while being lightweight and easy to install.

The Benefits Of Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic fiber insulation, also known as refractory ceramic fiber, is a material made of fibers derived from alumina and silica. It is made into products like ceramic fiber blankets, boards, and other items to provide outstanding insulation properties. Ceramic fiber insulation offers several benefits:

High Temperature Resistance

Ceramic fiber insulation can withstand very high temperatures, up to 2,300 °F. It is ideal for applications like industrial furnaces, kilns, forges, and other extreme heat equipment. The ceramic fibers do not break down or melt even at extremely high temperatures.

Lightweight And Flexible

Ceramic fiber insulation, especially in the form of ceramic fiber blankets, is very lightweight and flexible. It is easy to install and configure around pipes, ducts, and other surfaces. Ceramic fiber blankets can be cut and shaped as needed for any application.

Low Heat Storage

Ceramic fiber insulation has very low heat storage, so it does not retain a lot of heat energy once the heat source is removed. This allows for rapid temperature changes in heating equipment and uses less energy to change temperatures.


Ceramic fiber insulation will not catch fire or burn, even when exposed to direct flames. It is rated as non-combustible according to ASTM testing standards. This makes it very safe for high-heat applications where fire risks are a concern.

Durable And Resilient

Ceramic fiber insulation can last for a very long time and maintains its properties through many heating and cooling cycles. It does not break down or decay over time with normal use. It is a highly durable and resilient insulation material.