Laurel Group: Supplier of High-Quality Refractory and Insulation Materials

May 29, 2023

Laurel Group offers a wide selection of refractory and insulation materials to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications. We supply high-performance options to withstand high temperatures and corrosion while protecting equipment, reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.

Our Product Range Includes:

• Fireclay bricks – Bricks made of fireclay and alumina with a service life up to 1,500°C.
• High alumina bricks – Alumina content up to 99% suitable for temperatures up to 1,700°C.
• Insulating bricks – Low-density bricks that provide thermal insulation up to 1,200°C.
• Ceramic fibers – Excellent insulation with service temperatures up to 1,400°C.
• Calcium silicate – Insulating firebrick and boards for temperatures up to 1,100°C.
• Unshaped refractories – Raw materials for custom shapes in basic refractory bonds.
• Rock wool and glass wool – Synthetic mineral wool insulation for equipment and pipes.

We manufacture high-performance ceramic fiber insulation products for applications requiring thermal management, heat resistance and durability. Our ceramic fibers offer:

• High temperature capability – Service temperatures up to 1,400°C.
• Low heat storage – Rapid heat up and cool down times.
• Flexibility – Can be formed to fit complex geometries and irregular shapes.
• Lightweight construction – Easy to install and transport.

We offer both conventional 1350C Ceramic Fiber Blanket and ceramic fiber wool blanket, which can be molded to complex three-dimensional shapes and withstands high gas velocities. Our ceramic fiber insulation products are available in different grades and densities for a wide range of applications.

For your most demanding applications over 1,400°C, we also stock polycrystalline mullite wool ceramic fiber rated up to 3,000°F (1,649°C).

Summary About Refractory Insulation Materials By Laurel

In summary, Laurel Group as Aluminum refractory bricks Suppliers, offers a reliable one-stop shop for premium refractory and insulation materials to improve performance, efficiency and lifespan in your high temperature industrial processes. Please contact us to discuss your specific application and material requirements.