Insulating Safety And Efficiency with High-Heat Sealing Solutions

Nov 30, 2023

Industries such as metal processing, power generation and specialty vehicle manufacturing require sealing components engineered to withstand extreme heat over prolonged use. Leading the market are Laurel-Refractory seal products minimizing energy loss while protecting facilities and environments.

Ceramic Fiber Paper Options

Laurel-Refractory offers a wide selection of braided or sheet ceramic fiber gaskets and seals. These non-asbestos gasket materials comprise 97% alumina-silica fibers interlaced for compressive strength to 1500°F. Low modulus maintains sealing pressures at high temperatures.

Customizable Designs

Plant engineers work directly with Laurel-Refractory to develop made-to-print profile cuts from stock paper compatible with any flange geometry. Custom blanks minimize fabrication time versus field fitting and accelerate line launch.

High Temperature Performance

Post-curing ceramic fiber seals at over 1800°F fuses their interwoven structure for maximum continuous operating temperatures near 2200°F. Superior heat resistance exceeds metals like stainless steel (1200°F). So sometimes, we call the products as High Temperature Insulation Fireproof Seals Gasket.

Corrosion Resistance

Inert ceramic chemistry withstands caustic or acidic environments without degradation, unlike organic materials prone to decomposition. Seals remain effective years longer than other options such as asbestos or graphite with lower use lifespans.

Pressure Integrity

Even at pressures to 150 PSI and temperatures to 2300°F, ceramic fiber construction maintains sealing contact eliminating risks from gas or CTE leakage. Reinforced weaveslock in place permanently.

Inorganic Fiber Options

For temperatures over 2500°F, Laurel-Refractory provides flexible braids or multilayer gaskets from alumina-borosilicate or alumina zirconia fibers interlaced for high purity. Layered profiles conform closely for superior sealing even at extreme thermomechanical stresses.

Safe, Non-Toxic Material

Laurel-Refractory seamlessly replaces all asbestos-containing materials. Silica fiber formulations comply with stringent requirements for worker and environmental safety without causing harm if inhaled.

Industry Validations

Laurel-Refractory manufacturing meets ISO 9001:2015 standards certified through SGS. Full material certifications and third-party testing including ASTM E1461 verify claimed heat and pressure capabilities to maximize plant uptime and minimize risks from failures or inefficiencies at high heat.

Through market-leading products like Ceramic Fiber Paper Fireproof Seals Gaskets along with custom engineering support, Laurel-Refractory delivers industry-trusted solutions securing optimal safety and productivity inexacting high-temperature processes.

As leading China high temperature insulation fireproof seals gasket manufacturer, Laurel-Refractory provides quality seals gasket and Calcium Silicate Pipes products.