How to improve the compressive strength of refractory bricks?

Jun 19, 2023

There are several methods to improve the compressive strength of refractory bricks, which are used for building kilns and various thermal equipment, and are divided into fire clay bricks and high-aluminum bricks according to the different Al2O3 content. The parameters of different refractory bricks often differ, such as chemical composition, bulk density, softening temperature under load, and compressive strength. Compressive strength is very important for the quality. The following methods can be be considered to improve it:

  1. Increase the pressure of the refractory brick’s press machine, which can also increase its density. After reaching a certain density, the compressed refractory bricks have better strength.
  2. Increase the sintering temperature of refractory bricks in the kiln. Experimental evidence has shown that with the same raw materials and brick machine, the compression strength of the sintered refractory bricks differs with varying baking temperatures. The compressive strength of the bricks increases with the increase in tunnel kiln sintering temperature.
  3. Extend the insulation time appropriately. With the same raw materials and brick machine, different insulation time could make the differentbrick compression strengths. Suitable insulation time is beneficial for enhancing the sintered brick’s compressive strength and quality.