Fire Prevention Is An Eternal Topic In The Construction Industry:Get To Know China Insulation Bricks

Nov 10, 2023

Insulating fire brick is a kind of special building material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, heat shock resistance and chemical erosion resistance. Because of these properties, refractory bricks are mainly used in high-temperature industrial equipment and refractory structures in buildings. Refractory brick is a type of refractory material, its shape is fixed with a fixed size, a wide variety of refractory bricks, generally divided into high aluminum light brick, clay refractory brick, high aluminum brick, heterosexual refractory brick and other categories.

The main uses of insulation bricks include:

  • Industrial furnaces and kilns
  • Furnace linings and furnaces
  • Doors and walls:
  • Thermal insulation and insulation materials

It is necessary to choose the appropriate insulation brick material according to the specific application scenario and requirements to ensure that it can play a stable performance in high temperature and corrosive environment.

Laurel Group is a leading supplier and manufacturer of refractory and insulation materials from China,and we would like to introduce the material types of insulating bricks.


Application of insulating bricks

Industrial furnaces and kilns: Refractory bricks are widely used in high temperature industrial furnaces and kilns, such as iron and steel smelting furnaces, cement kilns, glass kilns, aluminum electrolytic cells, etc. The high temperature and corrosion resistance of insulation bricks enables them to withstand very high temperatures and chemical attacks while protecting the furnace structure from heat and chemical damage.

Furnace linings and furnaces: Refractory bricks are commonly used in furnaces, combustion chambers, and furnaces. They are resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock, protecting the furnace and furnace body from combustion products and high-temperature gases.

Doors and walls: insulation bricks are also commonly used to make doors, walls and roofs. These parts need to have good fire resistance, while being able to withstand high temperatures and thermal cycling.

Thermal insulation and insulation materials: In some industrial equipment, insulation bricks are also used as a component of thermal insulation and insulation materials. They reduce heat transfer and loss and improve energy efficiency.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate insulation brick material according to the specific application scenario and requirements to ensure that it can play a stable performance in high temperature and corrosive environment.Laurel,China will give the three main types of insulating bricks below.

Traditional insulation bricks

China insulation fire clay bricks is a kind of clay products with alumina content of 30%-40% aluminum silicate material, mainly including ordinary clay bricks and dense clay bricks. The production process adopts burnt-out additive method and foam method. The product with bulk density of 0.3~1.3g/cm3 was obtained by mixing, mixing, drying and sintering with fireclay, bleach bead and fireclay clinker as raw materials, adding binder and sawdust.


High alumina insulation bricks

High alumina insulating brick is a kind of refractory brick with the highest alumina content of more than 48%. Its types include three high aluminum bricks, two high aluminum bricks, one high aluminum bricks, super high aluminum bricks, corundum bricks, low creep high aluminum bricks, dense high aluminum bricks, aluminum silicon carbide bricks and andalusite high aluminum bricks, etc. The main point to distinguish them is mainly to see how much alumina content and whether the ingredients contain silicon carbide, andalusite and other substances.When purchasing this kind of insulation bricks,buyers should choose a promising high alumina insulating brick supplier.

Most popular insulation bricks nowadays

Light weight insulating bricks is a new type of building material, different from the traditional clay brick, it is based on blowing agent and cement, slag and other raw materials, through pressure and high temperature steaming made of a kind of insulation material. Lightweight insulation brick usually has the advantages of low density, good thermal resistance and light weight, and is one of the widely used insulation materials in the market.

Laurel Group is a reliable light weight insulating bricks manufacturer from China.