Common Refractory Boards’ Materials and Characteristics

Nov 14, 2023

In order to ensure the safety of our home environment, fireproof materials are essential. Fireproof materials play an important role in design and construction, and there are many types to choose from:

  • Fireproof wood: fireproof wood is a special kind of wood, which can prevent burning after fireproof treatment.
  • Fireproof paint: fireproof paint is a special paint that is different from ordinary paint. It has excellent fire protection effect, and can play the role of heat insulation and sound insulation.
  • Fire insulation board: fire insulation board is a kind of board made of special materials, not only has thermal insulation performance, but also can achieve fire protection effect.

In this article Laurel,China will mainly talk about insulation board with buyers,for that they can be used for indoor and external wall insulation to ensure the warmth and comfort of the residential environment. The fire insulation board is characterized by convenient construction, long service life and excellent fire performance.

The most well-known fire-proof board is the 280 kg/m3 Density Ceramic fiber board refractory material, in fact, the fire-proof board is far more than Ceramic fiber board refractory material, and each has different properties, if interested, please continue reading!


Characteristics of other common fireproof materials

Fireproof wood:

Fireproof wood is characterized by high material hardness, color and appearance close to the height of ordinary solid wood, which can achieve a beautiful and practical fire protection effect. It has a wide range of uses, can be used in flooring, doors and Windows, wall panels and other home decoration design.

Fireproof coating:

Fireproof coating is characterized by easy construction, no pollution to the environment, long service life, is a very ideal fireproof material. It has excellent fire protection effect, and can play the role of heat insulation and sound insulation. The use of fireproof coatings is very wide, and can be used in ceiling, interior wall, exterior wall and other locations in home improvement design.

280 kg/m3 Density Ceramic fiber board refractory material

Fire insulation boards material classification

Calcium silicate board

Calcium silicate board, also known as fiber cement board or fiber silicate board, is a building board with calcium silicate as the main component. This kind of building material has good fire resistance, moisture resistance, environmental protection and decoration, and is widely used in indoor and outdoor walls, suspended ceilings, partition wall systems and other architectural fields.

  1. Stability at high temperatures

High Temperature Calcium Silicate Board 25mm can still maintain stable physical properties at high temperatures, and its fire resistance is greater than that of metal and wood building materials to a certain extent.

  1. Excellent thermal expansion and cold contraction performance

The thermal expansion and cold contraction of calcium silicate board is small, which leads to cracks not easily produced at high temperature in the fire, which is conducive to preventing the spread of fire.

Aluminum silicate board

Aluminum silicate board is a kind of aluminum silicate fiber and adhesive mixed board, has the advantages of light weight, fire, heat insulation, sound absorption, etc., is widely used in construction, ships, automobiles and other fields of insulation, noise reduction, fire prevention and other occasions. In fact, aluminum silicate plate is often said to be ceramic fiber board.

The following are the advantages of China high strength aluminium silicate board:

1.Excellent fire performance: aluminum silicate plate is made of non-combustible aluminum silicate fiber and good fire performance of the adhesive mixed, can be maintained at high temperatures for a long time, with excellent fire performance.

2.Good thermal insulation performance: the aluminum silicate fiber in the aluminum silicate plate has good thermal insulation performance, which can effectively reduce the influence of temperature fluctuations on the plate, so that the thermal insulation effect of the building or equipment is more stable.

3.Lightweight, easy to install: Aluminum silicate sheet has a very light weight, easy to handle and install, while not creating a burden on buildings or equipment.