China’s Lightweight High-aluminum Refractory Bricks Are Selling At An Attractive Price

Nov 7, 2023

Fire brick is a kind of refractory material, accurately said to be shaped refractory material products, it has the characteristics of fire resistance and high temperature resistance, the fire temperature is different due to the different materials, from 900 degrees to more than 2000 degrees, then there are several kinds of firebrick? Refractory brick types according to the material is roughly divided into: aluminum silicon series refractory brick, silica refractory brick, magnesium refractory brick, corundum refractory brick, silicon carbide refractory brick, mullite refractory brick, carbon brick, zirconia refractory brick, there are some unpopular such as vermiculite insulation brick, diatomite insulation brick, andalusite refractory brick, sillimanite refractory brick and so on.

At present, in China, aluminum refractory bricks, especially new lightweight aluminum refractory bricks, are the most common, and Laurel group is also one of the largest aluminum refractory bricks China manufacturer.

Here Laurel,China will introduce China’s aluminum refractory bricks in detail for buyers.


Cost-effective traditional clay firebrick

The most common refractory bricks with the largest amount are aluminum-silicon refractory products, such as common clay refractory bricks, high aluminum bricks. The firebricks people often say refer to clay refractory bricks, they are in large dosage,and are cost-effective,mainly used in carbon roaster, coke oven, small incinerator, small biomass gasifier, boiler, heating furnace, forging furnace, glass kiln, part of the rotary kiln, shaft furnace, steel blast furnace, hot metal ladle and so on, and that is a wide use.

Fire clay bricks are divided into many types, such as low porosity clay bricks DD type, low creep clay bricks DRN type, according to the national standard model PN type, N-1, N-2 to N4 and so on. The amount of high aluminum refractory bricks is also relatively large, commonly divided into a high aluminum, two high aluminum, three high aluminum bricks, there are special uses of high aluminum bricks called different, each factory production of high aluminum bricks or sticky (sticky) adobe bricks are not the same, here no longer do too much introduction; The use temperature of clay refractory bricks is about 900-1300 degrees, and the use temperature of high aluminum bricks is 1300 to 1500 degrees.

Aluminum refractory bricks of China

High aluminum brick is the firebrick with the largest variety and alumina content of more than 48%. Its types include three high aluminum bricks, two high aluminum bricks, one high aluminum bricks, super high aluminum bricks, corundum bricks, low creep high aluminum bricks, dense high aluminum bricks, aluminum silicon carbide bricks and andalusite high aluminum bricks, etc. The main point to distinguish them is mainly to see how much alumina content and whether the ingredients contain silicon carbide, andalusite and other substances.

Compared with clay refractory bricks, the outstanding advantages of high aluminum refractory bricks have high refractoriness and high softening temperature under load. With the increase of Al2O3 content, the slag resistance is significantly improved.

Laurel Group from China can give a reasonable fire resistant bricks Wholesale price on high performance refractory bricks for buyers from all over the world.


Advantages of China fire resistant bricks

Fire resistant bricks from Laurel,China can promise:

  1. High temperature resistance: refractory bricks can maintain stable physical, chemical and structural properties at high temperatures for a long time, usually able to withstand high temperatures above 1000 ° Therefore, refractory bricks are often used in industrial equipment under various high temperature environments, such as furnaces, furnaces, converters, metallurgical reactors, etc.
  2. Good corrosion resistance: the material composition of firebrick contains high oxides, silicates and other inorganic compounds, can resist various acids, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion, so widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and other fields.
  3. Wear resistance: due to the high hardness and density of refractory brick, its surface is not easy to wear, so it can maintain the surface finish and mechanical strength at high temperature for a long time.
  4. Good thermal insulation performance: the composition of firebrick often contains some thermal insulation materials, such as expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, etc., these materials can improve the thermal insulation performance of firebrick, so that it has excellent thermal insulation performance in high temperature environment.
  5. Good chemical stability: the material composition of firebrick does not contain active metals and oxides, is not easy to be absorbed or dissolved, has good chemical stability, can maintain stable performance in a variety of harsh chemical environments.