China Ceramic Fiber Insulation Has Many Types And Good Performance

Nov 8, 2023

Insulation blanket is a specially treated fiber fabric with a tight woven structure and high temperature resistance, which can well protect objects from thermal points and spark zones, and prevent or isolate burning. The insulation blanket is suitable for welding and other occasions with sparks and easy to cause fire, which can resist spark splash, slag, welding splash, etc., to isolate the workplace, separate the working layer, and eliminate the fire risk that may be caused in welding work.

Insulation blanket as a special industry, special types of protective fabrics, roughly divided into silicone insulation blanket, glass fiber insulation blanket, basalt fiber insulation blanket, high silicon oxygen insulation blanket, ceramic fiber wool blanket, aluminum foil insulation blanket.Different fire blankets have different nature and application.

For example,among them, the ceramic fiber insulation blanket is made of silicoaluminate based refractory fiber. This needled ceramic fabric is suitable for the most extreme high-temperature environments due to its low thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance to chemical physicality. Because ceramic fabrics can withstand temperatures of up to 2300°F, they are commonly used as high-temperature insulation or linings in and around furnaces, boilers and kilns.

Next, Laurel Group from China would like to introduce the ceramic fiber insulation blanket in the insulation blanket.


The usage of ceramic fiber fire blankets

Insulation blanket is a special material, which has the functions of fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, and preventing the spread of flame. insulation blanket is usually used in construction, automotive, aviation, military, chemical, electronics and other fields. insulation blanket can also be used to protect homes, factories, warehouses, cars, motorcycles, boats, aircraft and other equipment.

In addition, the color of the fire blanket is diverse and eye-catching, which can be used as a mark and fixed point for firefighters.

Due to their superior properties, ceramic fibers wool blankets play an important role in many different fields:

  • Metallurgical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Power industry
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Fire protection

No matter in what field, ceramic fiber wool blanket is vital to ensure fire safety, so the selection of ceramic fiber blanket supplier must be strict and careful.Laurel Group is a professional refractory material manufacturer from China,and we can guarantee our buyers with the best quality and service.

Various form of China ceramic fiber insulation

China ceramic fiber insulation includes not only ceramic fiber wool blankets.There is a large family of form and shape in China ceramic fiber insulation:

Ceramic fiber is a kind of long fiber refractory made of inorganic material. According to different production processes and material composition, ceramic fibers can be divided into the following products:

Ceramic fiber blanket: Ceramic fiber felt is a soft material made of ceramic fiber through textile and other processes. It has excellent thermal insulation and sound absorption properties, and is widely used in construction, aerospace and home appliances.

Ceramic fiber yarn: Ceramic fiber yarn is made of ceramic fiber by spinning process. It has high temperature resistance and electrical insulation properties, and is often used as insulation materials in the fields of electronics, power and aviation.

Ceramic fiber rope: Ceramic fiber rope is a rope shaped product made of high temperature refractory material, mainly composed of ceramic fiber and organic fiber mixed, mainly used for industrial equipment, pipes and furnaces and other parts of the seal and fill.

Ceramic fiber paper: Ceramic fiber paper is a thin sheet material made of ceramic fiber through the wet paper making process. It has excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy and shipbuilding.

Ceramic fiber profile: Ceramic fiber profile refers to the ceramic fiber made into different shapes of products by special processing methods. Compared with traditional fiberboard or fiber blanket, ceramic fiber profile is more flexible and plastic, and can be made into a variety of complex shapes and sizes according to actual needs.

Regardless of the forms,Laurel Group,China guarantee quality and transportation efficiency to our buyers.