Aluminum Silicate Boards – Advanced Insulation for High Temperature Applications

Sep 23, 2023

Aluminium silicate ceramic fiber boards provide lightweight, energy-efficient insulation capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures up to 1260°C. Comprised of alumina-silica fibers reinforced with inorganic binders, these rigid boards offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation along with excellent fire resistance. Aluminum silicate boards resist thermal shock and cyclic heating conditions, making them ideal for insulation in furnaces, ovens, kilns, boilers and other demanding industrial environments.

Properties of Aluminum Silicate 1260C Ceramic Fiber Boards

  • Temperature resistance up to 1260°C
  • Low density for lightweight, flexible installations
  • Low thermal conductivity values down to 0.09 W/mK
  • Excellent acoustic insulation and noise reduction
  • Resists shrinkage and mechanical vibration
  • Withstands thermal shock and repeated high heat cycling
  • Fireproof construction with zero smoke and toxic fumes
  • Cuts and shapes easily for custom installations

This exceptional combination of properties provides energy savings and safety.

Typical Applications for Aluminum Silicate Boards

  • Furnace and boiler insulation
  • Kilns and industrial ovens
  • Thermal insulation for piping and tanks
  • Fire barriers and partitions
  • High temperature ducting and exhausts
  • Chimney and flue linings
  • Appliances and electronics requiring heat shields
  • Catalytic converters, turbines and incinerators

Aluminum silicate insulation protects components and personnel up to 1000+ degrees.

Installation Recommendations

  • Anchor securely using stainless steel pins and washers
  • Allow expansion room for high temperature cycling
  • Seal edges and joints with ceramic sealing compounds
  • Use high temp gloves and certified respirators when handling
  • Cut boards may produce glass filament particles requiring extraction

Proper installation maximizes safety and insulation performance.

The Future Of Extreme Temperature Insulation

With ever-increasing industrial processing temperatures and thermal efficiency standards, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber boards provide essential insulation capabilities. Engineered aluminum silicate materials tolerate the most extreme environments to conserve energy, protect equipment, and create safer workspaces.