Aluminum Silicate Board: Widely Used Light Fireproof Material

Nov 14, 2023

Aluminum silicate board is a very commonly used fireproof material in building materials, and its fire rating is often used to describe the fire performance of building materials. Aluminum silicate material in the fire will not produce spontaneous combustion gas, can effectively delay the fire, reduce the loss caused by fire. The fire rating of aluminum silicate is generally class A or Class B.

Aluminum silicate refractories refer to refractories with Al2O3 and SiO2 as the main components. It is generally made of natural raw materials such as pyrophyllite, fireclay, high bauxite, sillimanite minerals or synthetic raw materials such as corundum and mullite. According to the Al2O3 content in the product (15%~30%, 30%~48%, >48%), it can be divided into semi-siliceous, clay and high aluminum products.

Aluminum silicate fireproof board is generally pyrophyllite, siliceous soil, refractory clay and high bauxite as the main raw materials, its product varieties, wide range of use, in the production of refractory materials occupy a larger proportion. In addition to making fired or not fired bricks, it can also make cast products, as well as different grades of ramming materials, castings, refractory coatings and other amorphous refractory materials. Therefore, the use of aluminum silicate in China is becoming more and more extensive.


The development of aluminum silicate

China’s alumina silica firebrick, has a long history, about 1700 BC in the bronze period, has used aluminum silicate refractory raw materials. Later, due to the rise of iron making and silicate industry, aluminum silicate refractories from the use of natural raw materials to the emergence of saggar, crucible, block and other products. After the 19th century, aluminum silicate refractories became the main materials for various types of furnace linings.

In the past 20 years, silicate aluminum refractories have moved in the direction of high quality and efficiency, clay silicon has declined year by year, high aluminum products have risen year by year, the total amount of ordinary clay bricks has a downward trend, but the role of industrial furnaces and thermal equipment has not been reduced, and the furnace cylinder, furnace waist, furnace and other parts of the iron and steel industry, a large number of mulleite or corundum bricks are used. The main part of the blast furnace body is generally still with ordinary clay bricks or high aluminum bricks, the aluminum oxide of clay bricks used in Japan’s blast furnace is increased from 38% to 42%, the apparent porosity is reduced from 20% to 10%, and the compressive strength is more than doubled. The high-density viscous brick or kaolin brick used in the Soviet Union has a life of more than lO years, and the wall of the medium-sized blast furnace in the United States is still used with dense clay or high aluminum bricks. West Germany, France, the United States, Italy and other countries blast furnace, also use clay bricks and high aluminum bricks.


The advantages of aluminum silicate board:

Good fire performance: aluminum silicate plate is made of non-combustible aluminum silicate fiber and good fire performance of the adhesive mixed, can also maintain shape for a long time at high temperature, has extremely excellent fire performance.

Excellent thermal insulation performance: The aluminum silicate fiber in the aluminum silicate plate has good thermal insulation performance, which can effectively reduce the impact of temperature fluctuations on the plate, so that the thermal insulation effect of the building or equipment is more stable.

Light weight, easy installation: aluminum silicate plate is known for its light weight, easy to handle and install, while not causing a burden on buildings or equipment.


Benefits of China high strength aluminium silicate board

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