Aluminium Silicate Ceramic Fiber Board – A Thermal Insulating Material

Jun 5, 2023

Aluminium silicate ceramic fiber board is a type of insulating material commonly used for high temperature applications. It is manufactured using aluminium silicate fibers that are bonded together using organic binders.

These Fiber Boards Offer Several Benefits:

• High thermal resistance – Aluminium silicate ceramic fiber board has a very low thermal conductivity of around 0.08 W/mK, which means it provides excellent resistance to heat transfer. This makes it suitable for insulating hot surfaces, pipes and boiler casings.
• Temperature resistance – These fiber boards can withstand very high temperatures of up to 1200°C continuously and short term temperatures up to 1,400°C.
• Low density – Ceramic fiber boards tend to have densities of 96 to 160 kg/m3 which is low compared to other insulation materials. This means they are lightweight and easy to handle.
• Minimal corrosion – Aluminium silicate fibers are corrosion resistant even at high temperatures. They remain stable and do not react chemically with most substances.
• Conformability – Ceramic fiber boards can be easily cut, formed and contoured to fit irregular shapes and crevices. They conform well to various components.

Key Advantages Of Using Aluminium Silicate Ceramic Fiber Board Over Other Insulation Materials

1. Reduced oxidation and corrosion – The aluminium silicate fibers in the boards are resistant to oxidation and corrosion even at elevated temperatures. This makes them more durable under harsh conditions.
2. Low thermal conductivity – The thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber boards is significantly lower than other insulation materials, resulting in better insulation performance.
3. Low smoke and toxicity – In case of a fire, ceramic fiber boards release much lower smoke and toxic fumes compared to organic insulation materials. This makes them safer.
4. Light weight – Ceramic fiber boards tend to be around half the weight of insulation materials like calcium silicate boards, making them easier to install and transport.
5. Good sound insulation – Ceramic fiber boards provide better sound attenuation due to their high density and fibrous structure. This is an advantage in applications requiring acoustic insulation.

Conclusion Of Aluminium Silicate Ceramic Fiber Board

Aluminium silicate ceramic fiber board is widely used for high temperature insulation in industries like steel, glass, cement, power generation and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are found insulating boiler casings, pipes, valves, flanges, ducts and ovens.