1000C High Temperature Calcium Silicate Board Fireproof Insulation – Differences Between 25mm and 50mm Thickness

Nov 27, 2023

25mm and 50mm calcium silicate boards offer distinct advantages and applications in industrial insulation and fire protection. While 25mm boards are suitable for space-constrained areas, 50mm boards provide higher insulation value and structural strength, making them ideal for larger industrial applications.

Understanding Calcium Silicate Boards:

Calcium silicate boards are pre-formed, rigid insulation materials manufactured from a combination of calcium silicate and reinforcing fibers. They offer excellent fire resistance, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation properties.

Properties of Calcium Silicate Boards And Pipes:

Fire Resistance: 1000C Calcium Silicate Pipe For Wall Insulation are non-combustible and possess superior fire resistance, withstanding temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F).

Thermal Insulation: These boards have low thermal conductivity, effectively minimizing heat transfer and reducing energy consumption.

Acoustic Insulation: Calcium silicate boards also provide excellent acoustic insulation, reducing noise levels in industrial environments.

Durability: They are highly durable and can endure harsh conditions, including exposure to moisture, chemicals, and mechanical stress.

Differences Between 25mm And 50mm Calcium Silicate Boards:

The primary difference between 25mm and 50mm calcium silicate boards lies in their thickness. This variation in thickness impacts certain properties and applications:

Insulation Value: The thicker 50mm Calcium Silicate Pipe For Wall Insulation offer higher insulation value compared to 25mm boards. They are more effective in reducing heat transfer and maintaining desired temperatures in industrial processes.

Structural Strength: 50mm calcium silicate boards possess greater structural strength and rigidity due to their increased thickness. They can withstand higher mechanical loads and are suitable for applications requiring additional support.

Application Suitability: 25mm boards are commonly used in applications where space is limited, such as pipe insulation, small enclosures, and equipment insulation. On the other hand, 50mm boards are ideal for larger areas, such as furnace linings, kiln walls, and industrial ovens, where higher insulation and structural strength are required.

Applications of Calcium Silicate Boards:

Industrial Furnaces and Kilns: Both 25mm and 50mm calcium silicate boards are used in the construction of furnace linings and kiln walls to maintain desired temperatures and reduce heat loss.

Foundries and Metalworking: These boards are employed in foundries and metalworking facilities to insulate crucibles, ladles, and other equipment used in metal melting and casting processes.

Chemical and Petrochemical Plants: Calcium silicate boards provide thermal insulation and fire protection in chemical reactors, vessels, and pipelines, ensuring process temperature control and preventing unwanted reactions.

Power Generation: They are utilized in boilers, incinerators, and other power generation equipment to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and enhance overall system performance.

Residential and Commercial Buildings: High Temperature Calcium Silicate Board Fireproof Insulation 25mm find application in fire-rated walls, ceilings, and floors to enhance fire safety in residential and commercial buildings.